What is dyeing in the textile industry?

Dyes are used on fabrics to give them colors. There are different types of fabric dyes used in the textile industry. However, the two main prominent types of dyes are natural dyes and synthetic dyes. Natural dyes, as the name suggests, are made by extracting natural pigments from plants, animals, and minerals. Synthetic Fabric dyes, on the other hand, are made in a laboratory.

This is done by synthesizing chemicals and metals to obtain the color of choice. Different types of fabric dyes are used to add color to different types of textiles. Fabric can be dyed in any stage of the textile manufacturing process, be it in fiber, yarn, fabric, or even on finished textiles. Textile Infomedia is a portal for buyers of textile fabric to meet the suppliers and procure the products directly from them.

1.     Fiber Reactive Dyes

Fiber reactive dye creates a molecular bond with the fiber’s molecules and dye molecules. Reactive dyes are efficient for use in wholesale cotton fabric and other cellulose/ protein fiber fabrics. Since the dye molecules bind with the fiber’s molecules, fabrics dyed with fiber reactive dyes are the most wash-safe fabrics. This means that these fabrics can be washed with other fabrics without the concern of color bleeding.

2.     Direct Dyes

The direct dye is one of many types of fabric dyes that are used to color cellulose fibers, such as cotton. Direct dyes are less expensive than other fabric dyes, which is one reason why it is preferred over other dyes. Direct dyes are usually dull in color and not as wash fast as other fabric dyes. However, as compared to fiber reactive dyes, direct dyes are slightly less lightfast.

3.     Acid Dyes

This type of fabric dyes is used in dyeing protein fibers such as wool and silk. Acid dyes are the best choice of dye for coloring protein fabrics. Acid dye, by itself, is a large category from types of fabric dyes and includes various other types. Leveling acid dyes and Lancet acid dyes are the two popular types of acid dyes.

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Here was a list of all fabric dyes commonly used in the textile industry. Different types of dyes are used for different purposes. Dyes are mainly classified according to their solubility and chemical properties. However, one prominent classification of dyes is natural and synthetic dyes. Textile Infomedia is a portal that has enlisted manufacturers of dyed textile fabrics throughout India.

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